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Patent For Sale Covering UK, Scandinavia and Europe

Sales of electric vehicles are booming. By 2035 all new vehicles on our roads will be battery powered and will require regular recharging.  The infrastructure to support this is still in its infancy.

The OHC concept was developed to address the issue of safe deployment of charging equipment for vehicles parked on streets, ruling out the safety problems inherent in trailing wires across roads and pavements.

Patent Granted

A patent has already been granted with a very extensive, broad set of claims making it difficult to circumvent and easy to develop whilst maintaining protection.

For Sale

The European Patent No EP3459785 is now for sale to interested parties.

Huge Market

The potential market for the OHC is significant; in the UK alone a significant percentage of motorists do not have access to private off street parking.

1st Commercial Solution

This is believed to be the first available commercial solution addressing the issue of on street accessible charging.

Frequently asked questions

It’s an innovative device designed to carry a charging cable safely above head height to the vehicle. It’s out of the way, doesn’t impede pedestrians and is unobtrusive, with freestanding and wall mounted options suitable for both broad and narrow pavements.  

It’s quick, retractable and easy to deploy, using a durable screw driven operation to extend and retract the arm carrying the cable.  When not in use, it simply retracts back into a sleeve which houses the mechanism.

By 2035 all new vehicles on the road will be battery powered, raising very real questions about how the average motorist will charge their car. This may not be a problem for vehicle owners with driveways and garages, but for much of our housing stock, on-street parking is still the only option.

UK, Europe and Scandinavia including Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

European Patent No EP3459785

Electric Vehicle Charging Apparatus

The concept has been developed in the UK by an established engineering company with a history of innovation and technical expertise.


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